New York Times: I'm With Her, Three Americana Virtuosos

new york times I'm with her review
Lead vocals revealed distinctive voices: Ms. Watkins’s plaintive clarity, Ms. O’Donovan’s tremulous warmth, Ms. Jarosz’s hint of bluesiness. But when the three women sang together, their voices became one instrument, sharing every breath. There were two-part and three-part vocal harmonies that could be sweetly ethereal, or as tightly in tandem as country sibling teams like the Everly Brothers, or as hearty as mountain gospel. There were brisk, zigzagging, bluegrass-based tunes shared in precise unison by Ms. Watkins’s fiddle and Ms. Jarosz’s mandolin over Ms. O’Donovan’s rhythm guitar. There were toe-tapping banjo songs, like the trio’s version of John Hiatt’s “Crossing Muddy Waters.” And there were hushed ballads, like Ms. Jarosz’s “Run Away,” which connected deep Celtic roots to haunted private thoughts.
— New York Times

I'm With Her Covers" I Think Of You"

I’m With Her backstage in Tokyo, covering this Utah Phillips gem "I Think of You" Catch their last two shows of the...

Posted by I'm With Her on Monday, November 16, 2015

Photos from Japan

Beginning my long journey back to New York now. What an unbelievable time I'm With Her had here in Japan. From start to finish, we were treated with warmth and kindness and were able to sample some of the greatest food and coffee (and sake!) around. So thankful to our new friends here for making us feel right at home. Can't wait to come back!
- Sarah